NDF is a committed organization for climate adaptation and mitigation efforts in the northern Himalayan region. The COVID-19 pandemic has tipped the balance of the environment and the economies. There is a continuous discussion on how the pandemic and the associated lockdown has impacted air quality emissions and createdpotential opportunities for biodiversity and wildlife to thrive due to minimal human intervention.

In order to combat the adverse impacts of the pandemic, NDF has resorted to designing recovrery packages to boost local economies in a eco friendly and sustainable manner. Through these measures NDF plans to contribute to SDG’s as well as will ensure reduced emissions in the selected mountain areas by means of various scientific studies and through policy and advocacy campaigns.


We are committed to:

National Development Foundation, NDF focus on various climate mitigation and adaptation strategies for reducing the impacts of climate change. This will be achieved by organizing focused awareness programmes on various latest climate adaptation and mitigation strategies for Himalayan communities, through watershed development and tree planting drives and by promoting ecologically sustainable practices. Demonstration of environment friendly pilot projects and policy and advocacy with the Government for strengthening environmental policy and frameworks will be key areas of our work. The main focus of climate adaptation and mitigation programme of NDF is creating awareness among a wide range of stakeholders about conserving nature and natural resources in their immediate vicinity. Healthy natural ecosystems will be promoted as a natural solution to deal with Climate Change at a regional level. Sustainable agricultural practices will also be promoted as a likely climate adaptation and mitigation strategy.



  • Promoting sustainable agriculture

  • Creating awareness on garbage in the mountains