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The Constitution, promulgated in 1950, encompasses most rights included in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy. Over the years, many individuals and public interest groups have approached the apex court for restitution of fundamental rights, including child rights. The Directive Principles of State Policy articulate social and economic rights that have been declared to be "fundamental in the governance of the country and … the duty of the state to apply … in making laws" (Article 37). J&K presents a gloomy picture of children in matters of their rights, protection and concerns over the past few decades, with many children continuing to bear the brunt of civil strife and militancy in the state. Thus, child protection and child rights are a major focus area of our work for the last three decades. NDF works to reduce their vulnerability to any harm and protecting them from any of harmful situation. NDF has become the first organization in the state to facilitate the constitution of District Child Protection Committee under the chairmanship of District Magistrate / Deputy Commissioner, in the district of Rajouri. It has worked on community-based rehabilitation of children by formulating Child Protection Communities (CPCs) at the village level; these CPC's have been supported with seed money and trained on child protection and other child rights issues by NDF staff. Similarly, to project issues of these CPCS's at block and district level, block and district child protection committees have also been formed to provide an umbrella network to strengthen our outreach.

We are committed to:

National Development Foundation, NDF work and collaborate with various Government and non Governmental stakeholders in creating protective environment for children free from all forms of violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect; strengthening community based child protection mechanisms through effective implementation of child protection policies, legislations, services and schemes; advocating and influencing legal and policy reforms in line with Constitution Of India and Global Conventions on the Rights of the Child in J&K; and utilizing a child rights programming framework keeping in mind the cross cutting themes of child participation, non-discrimination and best interest of children while working with and for children for realization of their Rights.

Strengthening health systems & nutrition services for all children, and women.  Effective implementation of health/medical schemes; preventing child marriage & reducing adolescent pregnancies; providing infrastructure and health services to improve health status of communities.

Advocate / facilitate that the Children in conflict with law or in need of care and protection to be dealt with under the provisions of Juvenile Justice Act and Rules.
Empowering communities and families to take joint action against child labour linking excluded and vulnerable families to social protection schemes and sustainable livelihood support. Prevention of child trafficking and the rehabilitation, return and integration of trafficked children Fight against corporal punishment and any sort of abuse, discrimination and exploitation of children

Milestones achieved in Child Protection:

  • 1.52 Cr. Population of Jammu region were sensitized on Child Rights and Child Protection, JJ Act and ICPS scheme.
  • Protection needs of 1,00,920 children ensured in 174 villages of 5 districts with established Child Protection Mechanism.
  • 71000 children and 31422 Community members sensitized on child rights & child protection
  • 4,024 children as members of 174 Children's Groups were provided opportunities and spaces to participate on issues which affect their life.
  • 4064 Child Protection Committee members and 155 Block Child Protection Committee members work to resolve child protection issues
  • 5 functional and operational District Child Protection Committees (DCPCs) comprising of approx. 25 members each.
  • provided psychosocial care to 4567 children through 83 Child Friendly Spaces (CFS)
  • 80 members of civil society alliance and Civil Society organizations trained on JJ System and Child Protection Legislations
  • 2271 Govt. Officials/NGOs/AWW/Student forums sensitized on Child Protection.
  • 810 Police officials trained on JJ System
  • 37 Caretakers of Children Homes trained on child friendly practices/child protection.
  • 566 children living in 9 CCIs in 2 districts were trained on life skills
  • 4277 persons sensitized on gender and female feticide to end violence against children

Some of our Child Protection work includes:

  • Support orphan children, and orphanages to provide them basic amenities required for children to grow. Impart trainings to caregivers and guardians on child protection and other rights of the children

  • Impart life skill trainings to children so that they can protect themselves through use of knowledge of their protection rights and ways of avoiding and responding to risks.

  • Facilitate meetings of District Child Protection Committees (DCPCs), Block Child Protection Committees (BCPCs) and Village Child Protection Committees and organize their interface to respond local child protection issues and develop strategies for prevention and reporting.

  • Run safe child friendly spaces wherever needed to keep children away from psychosocial stress and to protect them from exploitation and abuse without any discrimination.

  • Running 1098, 24 hours childline services in Poonch district to respond the care and protection needs of the children

  • Work with and for children to realize their rights to survival, protection, participation and development as enshrined in United Nations Convention on Child Rights (UNCRC) ratified by India in 1992

  • Provide cash assistance to the children injured in border shelling, firing & mine blast for medical treatment and link them to advance care and services.

  • Work for provision of limbs to the children and adults falling victims to border fury and other ways

  • Organize health check-up camps for poor & marginalized

  • Work for improving declining child sex ratio in J&K

  • Fight against drug addiction, work for smoke and tobacco free J&K

  • Training of JJB's,CWC's, DCPU's, CCI's, SJPO's, IO's and other Stakeholders on Child Rights, Child Protection, JJ Act and other Child Legistrations.

  • Police officials trained on Child legislations and child friendly policing