Zahida returns to school

Zahida Parveen D/O Mohd. Sharief and Rehmat Jaan lives with her three younger sisters and a brother at border village of Jandrola in Distt. Poonch of state Jammu and Kashmir, (India). The day of 16 th of July 2011 was evil omened for her as this day snatched all her dreams of a healthy future life.
Zahida trembles and tears rushed out of her innocent eyes when she recalls the happening of 16 th of July 2011.
On that day Zahida woke up as a normal girl child and took her cattle out to graze in the field, trying to help her parents. While she was driving the cattle in the field she set her foot accidentally on a thick Bushy Grass. Immediately there was an explosion with a deafening bang. Zahida fell unconscious and injured. She had trodden upon a mine under the bushy grass.
When Zahida woke up she found herself in District Hospital Poonch after having lost her left leg and impairment in her hearing. It was a shock to Zahida. She could not bear looking herself in valid. The expenses for treatment were the additional worry besides the physical inabilities. Zahida was shifted to Govt. Medical College Jammu after 5 days and her father had to sell the only piece of land that belonged to the family and was the source of their sustenance. The treatment being expensive, her father sold away the livestock also as he loved Zahida the most and did not want to see her in pains for the longer time.
Zahida had lost all the hopes of becoming and behaving like a normal human being. Moreover, the family went under the financial distress. Zahida says, “Every day I pray to God that if I could not become a normal human being, He must take away my life. I did not want to see my parents, especially my Abba (father) in a painful state.”
NDF came to the help of the family and provided all possible assistance for Zahida’s treatment as well as for the livelihood of the family. Zahida was provided an artificial limb through the experts which restored her faith in herself and she started going as a normal child after having settled with the limb.
Now, Zahida leads a happy normal life, going to school in routine and frisking around as happy as ever.
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