Children’s behavior changes after WASH intervention

Schools all over the state of Jammu and Kashmir, (India), have suffered a common problem of non availability of toilets especially for the girl students which have remained the major cause of drop out of the female students from the schools after the 8 th standard.
Although, the scheme of constructing of toilets in the school premises has been launched by the govt. but it has been generally observed that the toilets remain defunct due to non availability of water supply or in case they are functional only one toilet is kept for all the students of the school including both the sexes, while the other remained locked for the use on special occasions. This led to the drop out of the grown up female students from the school at the larger scale.
Feeling the gravity of the issue National Development Foundation started WASH (water sanitation and hygiene campaign and intervention with the schools in its target districts of the state and got the toilets renovated and put into the proper use. Besides hand washing stations were also made available for the convenience of the students.
This step has given good results with the school going children feeling comfortable during their study hours and also washing their hands before and after their lunch in the mid meals. They have continued with the same habit of washing their hands before and after the meals at their homes and also impressed upon their family members to adopt the same habit as it ensures safe health and diseased free bodies.
Your donations and support can increase our reach and help the students especially the girls to continue their education and to feel at ease during the working hours besides keeping themselves hygienically fit.
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