Press Release


Khajuria assumes charge of CEO in NDF

Jammu, Feb 13: Rajiv Kumar Khajuria assumed the charge of Chief Executive Office in National Development Foundation (NDF), J&K Jammu here yesterday after he was elected/appointed as President/CEO in its Annual General /Executive Body meeting of the organisation. Other members elected to the executive body of NDF include Nilly Pachnanda as Vice President, Jatin Anand as General Secretary, Ravi Chander Puri, Dheeraj Sharma, Surbhi Sharma & Vinod Kumar as executive members respectively.
The General/ Executive body also together amended the constitution of the organisation and pledged for the empowerment of children & youth and conservation of nature and natural resources.
Rajiv Khajuria thanked the former President Arti Sharma and her team for the good work they have done for the organisation and called upon the new board members and NDF staff to work together for the overall all benefit of the communities/thematic areas NDF works for